PAN-on-Demand: Building self-organizing WPANs for better power management

Manish Anand and Jason Flinn



In this paper, we present PAN-on-Demand, a self-organizing multi-radio system that balances performance and energy concerns by scaling the structure of the network to match the demands of applications. Since current mobile devices ship with multiple radios, PAN-on-Demand can improve performance and extend battery lifetime by switching between different wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth and WiFi and opportunistically exploiting the available power-saving strategies. When applications are actively using the network, PAN-on-Demand offers high-bandwidth, low-latency communication; when demand is light, PAN-on-Demand adapts the network structure to minimize energy usage. Our results show that PAN-on-Demand reduces the average response time of common PAN applications like MP3 playing, e-mail viewing and photo sharing by 92% and extends the battery lifetime of mobile devices by up to 47% compared to current PAN management strategies.