Broadly speaking, my research group investigates interesting topics in operating systems, mobile computing, storage, and distributed systems. Some of our ongoing projects are improving application debugging by harnessing the power of cluster-scale computing; leveraging pervasive deterministic record-and-replay to provide information provenance, improve storage systems, and accelerate applications; and using redundancy in network selection and edge computing to improve mobile application response times. 

For a list of my publications sorted by date, click here.  Depending on how lazy I am about updating this list, more recent data can sometimes be found at DBLP or Google Scholar.

I work with a great group of graduate students in the Systems Lab at Michigan

I often collaborate with other faculty members in the networking, operating systems, and distributed systems research area at the University of Michigan.  I also have a number of collaborations with faculty in the languages, compilers, and runtime systems area.

Things I am currently doing:

I am on sabbatical this academic year at Facebook in Seattle.

I am Vice Chair for ACM SIGMOBILE.  If you are an active researcher or practitioner (or just interested) in mobile computing, you should join. 

I wrote a lecture for the Morgan Claypool Synthesis Lectures on Mobile and Pervasive Computing series that surveys and reflects on much of the research that is fueling current interest in edge computing. The lecture can be viewed at this site (requires institutional subscription for access).